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Options for estate and other gifting donations


The Endowment of Hope was established to honor and recognize those who make an estate gift to support the Foundation’s endowment. Estate gifts can be unrestricted or designated to fund a specific service or program and can be made to honor or memorialize loved ones.


We invite you to learn more about becoming a member of the Endowment of Hope. We’ve provided information about several charitable estate planning options. Maximum Flexibility helps identify which estate gifts will help preserve control of your assets throughout your life, while Maximum Tax Benefits helps to illustrate your tax planning options.


Finally, we would be happy to send you a free copy of our Cancer League of Colorado Endowment of Hope brochures. To request these brochures or pose any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone at 303-281-9864.


A planned gift can be the perfect way to provide for the future of Cancer League of Colorado. We would love to help you discover how easy this can be.

Estate Gift Options

Examples of estate gifts include naming Cancer League of Colorado Foundation in your will or living trust or by naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, IRA, or charitable trust. A variety of options exist.

Revocable Gift Options

As we all know, the future is uncertain. You can establish a planned gift today and while retaining control over these assets for the balance of your life. Such gifts are called revocable gifts.

Unless you are confident that you cannot outlive your assets, a revocable planned gift is almost always the best option. Most planned gifts are revocable by design and generally are one of the following:

  • Bequest in a Will or Living Trust

  • Beneficiary Designation in IRA or Retirement Plan

  • Beneficiary Designation in Life Insurance Policy


By naming Cancer League of Colorado Foundation in your will, living trust or as a beneficiary, you can protect yourself against an uncertain future. Should you need these assets, they are available. If not, your gift will come to Cancer League of Colorado Foundation as you desire.

Donations that Last.


Cancer League of Colorado Foundation would like to express its deep appreciation to all members of the Endowment of Hope, people who have committed to fighting cancer into the future and beyond their lifetimes.

We, the Cancer League of Colorado Foundation, thank each Endowment of Hope (and the anonymous) donors for their generosity, foresight and confidence in Cancer League of Colorado Foundation.

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