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We’ve Awarded $24 Million to Cancer Research and Patient Care. All Volunteer. All Colorado. All committed to fighting cancer and supporting cancer research.


Cancer League of Colorado is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization composed entirely of volunteers. Unique to non-profits, Cancer League of Colorado has no paid staff and no offices. All operating expenses are covered by membership dues. Approximately 400 volunteer members share our commitment to fight cancer and support cancer research.

Year Round Fundraising

Our annual fundraising events include the Hope Ball, Race for Research, Over the Edge and the Cancer League Golf Tournament.

Disperse Grant Money

Generally, 85% of Cancer League’s funds are awarded for research grants and clinical trials; the remaining 15% are awarded to service grants.

Help Individuals & Families

Service grants are awarded to organizations for such things as hospice care, educational materials, care to indigent patients and recreational activities for children fighting cancer.

Scientific  Achievement

Founding institution for the Cancer Center at the University of Colorado Health Science Center, instrumental in additional gene and cell protein discoveries.

Allocate Funds to Groups

Each year the Funds Allocation Committee allocates supporting seed research and funds to investigator-initiated clinical trials and service grants to organizations in Colorado that support cancer patients and their families.

Grant Benefactors

Research under grants is conducted at several facilities, which include the University of Colorado Cancer Center, Colorado State University, Children’s Hospital and the National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Care.


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Fostering the Most Important Work for Your Loved Ones. 

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