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Building a Foundation for Tomorrow - Our Legacy


Cancer League of Colorado Foundation’s sole purpose is to support Cancer League of Colorado in its mission.


Why the Foundation?  The charter of Cancer League of Colorado is to fundraise and, in the same year, donate those funds for research and service grants.  The Foundation is the long-range arm of Cancer League.  


The Foundation’s goal is to build its investment funds to $8,000,000 by 2027 so the Foundation can provide Cancer League funds for research and service grants from its earnings.  These earnings could fund, for example, 10 research grants or 30-40 service grants each year.  To reach our goal, we are asking you to join our Endowment of Hope.  The Endowment of Hope is made up of donors to the Foundation or those who have designated the Foundation in their estate planning.

How do you become part of the Endowment of Hope?  It’s simple.  Name the Foundation in your will or estate planning, a beneficiary of your life insurance and/or retirement account or donate to the Foundation.  As a benefactor of the Foundation, you will be included in the growing list of Endowment of Hope Members. (No specific details are ever disclosed to the public and you may choose to participate anonymously.). Endowment of Hope members are displayed at all CLC events and on the CLC website. 


What has the Foundation accomplished?   The Foundation Board is committed to its role of managing the Foundation endowments for Cancer League’s future needs.  The growth of the endowments comes from the generous members of Cancer League, their friends, their families and the public.  As a result of our sound investment strategy, an experienced investment advisor and a knowledgeable and active Board, the Foundation has grown its portfolio from $7,500 to nearly $2,000,000.  In the past 17 years, the Foundation distributed more than $400,000 to CLC to fund projects, service grants, research grants and clinical trials.  


Please consider the Foundation in your estate planning and become a member of the Foundation’s Endowment of Hope.


For more information about Cancer League of Colorado Foundation, please contact us. 


Cancer League of Colorado Foundation was established in 1997 as a means to create a permanent charitable endowment for Cancer League of Colorado.

As an all-volunteer organization, Cancer League depends on philanthropic support to fulfill its mission. By charter, all gifts received by Cancer League are used in the year received to fund preliminary research, investigator-initiated clinical trials and service needs, supporting the community’s most promising efforts. Because Cancer League's charter does not allow for charitable endowment, Cancer League of Colorado Foundation was formed.

The Foundation’s investments are managed by professional asset managers and overseen by the Foundation's Investment Committee. Currently, UBS Financial Services serves as the Foundation’s financial advisor and portfolio manager.

The sole mission of the Foundation is to support the funding of research and service grants by Cancer League. Since 2007, we have allocated more than $400,000 to Cancer League.

Help Cancer League fight to find a cure for cancer by including the Foundation in your estate plans.

Foundation Board of Directors.

Karen White, CLCF President, VP Foundation CLC

Kaye Music, Vice President

Deron Swaby, Secretary

John Ruby, Treasurer, Investment Committee Chair 

Jim Hackstaff

Mark Hadley

Martha Eddy Jentz, Past President CLC

Richard Landy, DDS

Barbara Reece, VP Fundraising CLC

Gary Reece, President CLC

Foundation Board Members at Large.

Suzanne Hagmaier, Treasurer CLC

Diane Brandon Hadley, Acting Treasurer Elect CLC

Elaine McCain, VP Funds Allocation CLC

Kellee Jentz, Acting VP Funds Allocation Elect CLC

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