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2020 Youth Creates Gala for a Cure

Gala for a Cure 2020, consisting of a series of virtual educational and entertaining events, is Youth Creates’ ardent effort of advancing cancer research during the pandemic. This is Youth Creates’ second annual fundraising event to help Cancer League of Colorado.

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The team of youth, mostly high school students, garnered support from doctors, educators, government officials, and business leaders. Together they hosted ten sessions addressing numerous topics and served more than 200 children and adults. They collected $8,000 to donate to Cancer League of Colorado.

Stephen Zhang, Founder and CEO of Youth Creates, is the chair of this event. “Philanthropy work is a significant aspect of our business”, Stephen declares. Their 2019 version of Gala for a Cure featured performances by youth talents and professional artists and donated $8,000 to fund cancer research.

Youth Creates is honored to be part of Cancer League’s large endeavor in the cause of fighting cancer and vows to persist in this effort.

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